Already by 1979 a St. Moritz Ski School Ski instructor said: «that if you wanted to show the history of this ski school completely, there would be enough material to fill volumes.»

It's only logical that there is so much more material today. What made the St. Moritz Ski School, however, from its heritage as the first and oldest ski school in Switzerland and today one of the largest companies in the region is not self-evident. How tradition, professionalism and ispiration are combined with the love of  winter sports in St. Moritz is what the following stories are about.


The Blind School St.Moritz


The sun is shining, the snow is dazzling and yet everything is grey. Only Silhouettes. Blind skiing, for many unimaginable – for some reality. The St. Moritz Ski School offers people with visual impairment a special experience. A Swiss acheivement and its history.


The Skier Edy and his monument


On the occasion of the Ski-WM 2017 he was brought to life, Edy the spruce wooden giant. He was flesh and blood and a legend. He was also the ski school director of the  St. Moritz ski School.