Snowboard Classes St. Moritz Ski School

Snowboarding isn't just a winter sport - it's a good feeling! Frontside-Curve, Backside-Curve Edge-change,Safe-breaking is the basic. then next come the cool Freestyle Tricks : From „Ollie“ on the „grab“ up to „three sixty“.

Whether you're a beginner, freestyler or carver: improve your snowboarding skills with a personalized, tailored lesson with one of our trained instructors. With numerous exercises and targeted, individual corrections, we will build your skills on the board.


Snowboard private lessons in St. Moritz and Celerina, Snowboard group lessons for children (from 6 years old) only in Celerina. Children's snowboards are available for hire at the point of sale in Celerina.


Group Classes Snowboard

For children from 5 years old or Blue Prince


Teaching children snowboarding with a healthy dose of fun and improving their technique - this is the goal of our specially trained kids instructors. Midday care is also guaranteed with lunch included at an additional cost of CHF 20.-

  • Cancellation possible up to 48 hours before the lessons begin
  • Classes from Monday to Friday
  • Meeting Point in Celerina