The St. Moritz Ski school is the oldest and most traditional ski school in Switzerland. Since 1929 the legends in red have been passing on their experience and collected knowledge to their students.

Regardless of whether it's group lessons- or private classes for children or adults, ski or snowboard or one of the additional offers - St. Moritz Ski school provides the highest quality and professional classes. In the process, progress is lived and history is written down through innovation. How? Find out everything here about  «The Red Legends», of the St. Moritz Ski School.


Vision inspiring

The snow reflects the sunlight so much that even the goggles can't completely prevent the glare..

Blind skiing. Unimagineable for most, a reality for some. What sounds adventurous to the sighted is an acheivement for the blind and visually impaired. For example, in the ski camp; only one of the offers of the first school for the blind snow sports in the World.


Red Legends - Pioneering Spirit

The history of the St. Moritz Ski School is that of a man who became a pioneer from a demoted ski instructor. Like all great pioneers, he fought against bitter resistance. His success made his opponents jealous. Rightly so.

What was he thinking? The man with the almond-shaped warm eyes, lined with wrinkles, stands for Swiss Winter Sports like no other. Are they laugh-or worry lines? This man - Giovanni  Testa – Both the English professional skiers combined with the French amateur snowboarders with visual impairment and the Swiss children in basic group lessons.