Courses and Group Classes St. Moritz Ski School


The classic way of all forms of teaching: The happy goings-on as a ski group on the slopes! The kids and adults alike can learn from each other and with each other and experience a lot of fun and team spirit on the side. Let's go!



For children from 5 years old or from Blue Prince

St. Moritz, Celerina und Samedan

Teaching children skiing with a healthy dose of fun and improving their maneuvering skills -  is the goal of our specially trained kids instructors. Ideal for beginners with the perfect terrain which invites them to learn, compete and have fun.

Every Thursday the highlight of the week takes place with the children's ski race. At the end of the course each child will receive a personal Snow League booklet confirming the completed class level.

We also offer a free pick-up service for the kids: In St. Moritz as a special experience they are taken directly to the ski school at Salastrains and back again by a horse-drawn sleigh. Midday care is also guaranteed with a lunch at an additional cost of CHF 20.-

  • Cancellations possible up to 48 hours before the beginning of the lesson
  • Classes from Monday to Friday or on the weekend
  • Meeting places
    • 09.00 am at the ski school office St. Moritz Dorf (pick-up service)
    • 09.45 am at Salastrains
    • 09.45 am in Celerina
    • 09.45 am in Samedan
  • Ski races take place on Thursdays and Fridays (Samedan)
  • Prize-giving ceremony takes place on Thursdays in Celerina and on Fridays in St. Moritz and Samedan

Semi-Private Classes

For children from the age of 5 or from Blue Prince

St. Moritz and Celerina
Valid from 24.12.18 to 11.01.19 and from 11.02.19 to 08.03.19.

Thanks to a maximum of 6 children per class, individual care is guaranteed. As a result, the goals of the participants can be acheived faster and more efficiently. 5 days of individual lessons and personal supervision by the ski instructor. The grouping is based on the technical skills. We also offer a pick-up service exclusively for our semi-private guests from the valley station of the Signalbahn cable car station at 9.20am (as from Red Prince level).

  • Cancellations possible up to 48 hours before the beginning of the lessons 
  • Meeting places
    • 09.00 am at the ski school St. Moritz Dorf (pick-up service)
    • 09.15 am in Celerina
    • 09.20 am at the Signal valley cable car station from Red Prince
      (pick-up service)
    • 09.45 am at Salastrains
  • Ski races take place on Thursdays
  • Prize-giving ceremony takes place on Fridays


For Adults

St. Moritz
Valid from 24.12.18 until 11.01.19 and from 09.02.19 until 10.03.19.

It's never too late to learn something new. Have even more fun in skiing by perfecting your technique in group lessons and experiencing your success with like-minded people; Share the anticipation of unforgettable slope experiences. All this in the midst of the impressive natural Alpine  scenery of the Upper Engadine. 

  • Cancelations possible up to 48 hours before classes start
  • Meeting point 09.45 am at Salastrains
  • Minimum number of participants - 3 per level 
  • Courses from Monday to wednesday or Saturday & Sunday