The Story of the St. Moritz Ski School

The history of the St. Moritz Ski School is that of a man who became a pioneer from a degraded ski instructor. Like all great pioneers, he fought against bitter resistance. His success made opponents jealous. Zu Recht - Rightly-from resistance to legends in red.

Skiing – The Swiss national sport as such. In the past, skis were primarily a means of transport. Because somehow you had to get from valley to valley. Those who wanted to learn to ski, learned the personal style of their teacher. So there were a wild jumble of styles and techniques. That ignited debates: Which is the right style? Which technique is the best?


The foundation of the first Swiss Ski School

This insecurity led to confusion on the St. Moritz winter sports grounds, which threatened to damage tourism. Thus, the cure-  the tourist association and the Ski club St. Moritz became active and decided to unify the mess.

The ambitious task was taken by a man named Testa. Giovanni Testa. With the help from friends he founded the St. Moritz Ski School in 1929. The first in Switzerland.

The invention of natural skiing

„This development was based on comradery and democratic principles. We conducted an exchange of views in reciprocity and in this way developed the new skiing technique“, wrote Testa in the Ski School-Chronicles.

He praises „love, discipline and diligence“, which the instructors used in their work. Thus, the first ski school was built on Salastrains around a small hut but something much bigger: The natural ski technique that we use today.

The prophet was not heard in his own country

He thus helped the winter sports field St. Moritz to success and triggered a hype that continues today . At that time, nobody believed in it. Testa's technique was doubted in particular by the umbrella organization „Swiss inter-federation for skiing“, which was founded in 1932.

Ski instructors only got a license if they followed the inter-federation technique. THe following can be read in the regulations of the inter-federation of that time: „Those who do not want to submit to this dictation must renounce their license and will be dismissed immediately.“ The opponants of Giovanni Testa were overpowering; but he did not waiver, for he believed in his technique.

Thus the inter-federation abruptly withdrew the ski instructor lisence because of his „Non-compliance with the Swiss unit technology“.

The Guardia Grischa and the ultimate proof

Determined to prove the suitability of his technique, in 1936 he founded his own group of ski racers consisting of teachers from the St. Moritz Ski School.

The Guardia Grischa were born. In the 1948 winter games, the Red Legends fulfilled their mission internationally: In the second round, the youngest Guardia Grischaner Edy Reinalter became the first and so far only Swiss slalom racer to win Olympic Gold.

That was the ultimate proof: Giovanni Testa's skiing technique was not only good for the amateur athlete but also paved the way to Olympic Gold. And up until today. International.

 Giovanni Testa was the director of the St. Moritz Ski school for 12 years. His successor was Olympic Gold medalist  Edy Reinalter himself. They ensured the knowledge that characterizes St. Moritz Ski school to this day. Here is the place where everything started: This is the place the first ski instruction was given, the first time that a uniform technique was taught and where the first Olympic gold medalist came from.

From resistance through conviction and passion, to Red Legends. A st. moritz heritage that rightfully makes you proud. And also a little committed. The best is yet to come.