Skischool St. Moritz merchandise

The ski school St. Moritz is not just a ski school, it is a brand - with great recognition value.

The name «Red Legends» stands for pioneering spirit, tradition and perfection in Swiss skiing. The ski school is the oldest ski school in Switzerland and the red and black outfits of the snow sports instructors are well known and well seen everywhere.

The skiwear of the "Red Legends" is not for sale, but many other great items. Here you will find all merchandise of the Swiss Ski School St. Moritz – have fun shopping! //LINK zum Merchandise Shop


Here you will find the skischools official Merchandise.

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The logo of the St. Moritz ski school - the trademark of the "Red Legends" - is proudly worn by our snow sports instructors on their uniforms. The ski clothing is not for sale, but many other great articles of the "Red Legends".