Snow shoe hiking

Snow shoe hiking means experiencing untouched nature intensively and discovering enchanting landscapes far away from the hustle and bustle and groomed paths. The original sounds of nature, the fresh mountain air and the impressive mountain scenery will quickly immerse you in another, carefree world. Treat yourself to this very unique time out.

We offer numerous snow shoe tours of various lengths and levels of difficulty. Here are a few recommendations:

Tour Hahnensee

The steep classic

When you stand on the terrace of the Hahnensee mountain restaurant and let your gaze wander through the entire Upper Engadin, you have already forgotten the 400 metre climb! This unique panorama - earned by your performance - once experienced, you will always look for it again!

Package details:

  • 5,35 km / 2 h hiking time / 400 metres in altitude
  • Private excursion with snow shoe guide
  • Rental: set snow shoes & soles CHF 20.–
  • Total price 1 - 3 persons

from CHF 350.– Send Request

Tour Plaun da Lej - Blaunca - Maloja

The frozen Lake Sils in view

You will barely spend 50 steps in monotony as you walk through this stepped landscape once designed by glaciers. At your feet lies one of the most beautiful mountain valleys on the planet.

The ascent is not very long, but that depends on your fitness. Find out for yourself! Otherwise the guide knows a shortcut.

Package details:

  • 4,2 km / 1 h 45 min hiking time / 250 metres in altitude
  • Private excursion with snow shoe guide
  • Rental: set snow shoes & poles CHF 20.–
  • Total price 1 - 3 persons

From CHF 350.–Send Request

Tour S-chanf - Alp Griatschouls

The demanding one

It's quiet here during the winter months. The snow crunches, breathing blows clouds into the blue sky. Chances are high you will not meet another human being on this hike. Open terrain alternates with snow-covered Swiss stone pine forests. You can feel deer at every turn and maybe you even see one of them trying to forget the cold and long night in the sun.

The alpine hut, where you can enjoy the warm tea you've brought with you, is not a cozy lounge with plush lozenges. And yet, you may still realize what a mountain hut is all about: protection, and something like a familiar home.

Details Angebot:

  • 9,6 km / 3 h hiking time / 500 metres in altitude
  • Private excursion with snow shoe guide
  • Rental: Set snow shoes & poles CHF 20.–
  • Total price 1 - 3 persons

From CHF 500.– Send Request


Tobogganing fun on «Muottas Muragl»

Package details

  • Half day guided excursion
  • 1 - 2 descents
  • 4,2 km run / 20 corners / 718 metres in altitude
  • Toboggan rental CHF 15.–
  • Total price 1 - 3 persons



Tobogganing fun «Preda – Bergün»

Package details:

  • Day or evening excursion
  • 1 - 2 descents
  • 6 km toboggan run / 416 meters in altitude
  • Train ride from St. Moritz train station
  • Toboggan rental at Preda train station, price depending on model from CHF 10.–
  • Optional: gastronomical options in Bergün
  • Total price 1 - 3 persons

From CHF 500.- Send request