What is carv?

Carv is the world’s most advanced ski wearable, it contains 72 pressure sensors and a motion sensor in each insert and is built to withstand hard days of skiing.

The best part is, because Carv fits under the liner of your boot, you can use it in custom moulded ski boots, stock boots or rentals. It even works with your custom insoles. With Carv under the liner of your ski boot, simply hit the record button as you start your ski day. Carv measures your pressure and motion 20 times a second, giving you personalised audio tips as you ski. After each run you’ll get a Ski:IQ score. You’ll find out which parts of your technique are stronger and which parts are holding you back.

Together with your ski instructor, you will analyse data on 13 different metrics, each relating to a different aspect of ski technique and use it to help develop your skills. With the combination of Carv and your ski instructor, you will boost your technique and enhance your skiing like never before!


The Carv Legend

For those who want to try Carv with a ski instructor.

During a technique-oriented ski lesson, you will better understand how different movements fit together and how to use your body in a targeted way. This way you can continue to work on your goals even after you have completed the course. The Carv app allows all participants to measure and track their progress. 

The following highlights will await you:

  • Technique course with ski instructor and digital Carv app.
  • Measure your progress on the slopes
  • Learn more effectively and improve your technique faster

from CHF 440.00 incl. Carv equipment - in St. Moritz

The Carv Pro Legend

For those who have their own Carv unit and want to improve their own technique together with the knowledge of a ski instructor.

You bring your own Carv unit and analyse your technique together with a ski instructor. 

The following highlights will await you:

  • Improve your technique using the technical data measured by the Carv device.
  • Measure your progress on the slopes
  • Learn to ski more effectively and analyse the data and then apply it to your technique

from CHF 390 - in St. Moritz