The Great-Skier Edy Reinalter

Edy Reinalter was born in December 1920 in St. Moritz. Romedi, his christian name, was a talent from childhood. In almost every sport.

But in the end, skiing was the sport that gripped him the most because then he could use his daring, successfully. „A courteous and lovable person“ reported a witness and he never complained.

A Courageous and Bold Role Model

„Edy was never scared of anything“, he stresses. That is probably why he was a member of the notorious and infamous Guardia Grischa. Even in military service, he was known as an instructor for his boldness, and as the chronicles of the ski school prove: „His soldiers admired his courage and worshipped him as did his superiors and comrades“, wrote Max Robbi,former coach of the Women's National Ski team, about Edy.

Olympic Gold

Robbi was also there close up, as the historic slalom race took place at the Winter-Olympics 1948. The race in which Edy Reinalter wrote Swiss sports history. In the second run, Edy with 62.2 Seconds made the best time and came first and is so far the only Swiss ski racer to win an Olympic Gold for Switzerland.  

An Olympic Champion becomes a Ski School Director

1953 Edy was chosen as the director of the St. Moritz Ski school. In addition, Edy served as a local counciller where he passionately campaigned for the development of the Upper-Engadine ski resorts. A pioneer of the beautiful slopes, which we can enjoy today, thanks to him. That was the real Edy made of flesh and blood..

Monument to Swiss Sports History

It is to him, the great skier, that the monument is dedicated, which should stand in the future on Salastrains, thanks to a large-scale fundraiser. As a reminder of the great sporting acheivements of bygone days. And as an inspiration to all who carry the torch of snow sports, just as he carried it. For all St. Moritz people and all skiers-back then, today and tommorrow.