The Red Legends – Demo-Teams

The masters and mistresses of technics

In formation skiing, a team consists of eight members who ski down various figures on a slope of 250 to 400 meters as synchronously as possible, with a lot of speed and dynamic technique.

The personal skiing technique of each skier must match that of the other team members in each turn. The goal of the elite competitions in March and April is perfect dynamics, maximum precision, correct technique and meticulous synchronicity.

Both mixed Demo-Teams „Guardia Cotschna" and the "Ils Lumpazs" of the St. Moritz ski school, train weekly for competitions from December to April, like the „Bündner Championship“ and the „Swiss Snow Happening“. 

You can marvel at the performance of our Demo Teams at several events this winter.

Snow Show Celerina, 02.03.2023 at 07.00 pm

The Upper-Engadine Demo Teams, snow sport instructors as well as the children from the St. Moritz - Celerina present various shows.

Culinary market stalls with hot snacks are waiting in the finish area and our DJ will create a great atmosphere during the show.

Swiss Snow Happening Lenk, 20. - 24.03.2023

Guardia Cotschna - Demoteam Mixed 2022



Ils Lumpazs - Demoteam Mixed 2022