The term ‘ROTERMORITZ’ is derived from a coupling  of ‘THEREDLEGENDS’ with ‘St. Moritz’ – two  defining elements of our ski school. The gastro- nomical concept originated from the imagination of the two Bernese Gastro-Profs Adrian Tschanz and Daniel Mani.

The menu offes simple,  tasty – and cheeky! – Alpine cuisine. Healthy, hearty, regional, and seasonal are all perfect descriptions of the dishes served there. Each day brings a new culinary surprise. The attractive  pricing makes the uncomplicated restaurant with sun terrace a popular meeting place for winter sports enthusiasts, walkers, ski instructors, and snow kids.

In the evening, the restaurant can be used for events, gatherings, and celebrations – seriously cool menu included :-).

Menu Roter Moritz

Gastronomy Salastrains

You and your children get to enjoy culinary delights at the Salastrains Ski School Centre. We offer a selection of regional and traditional Alpine cuisine, lunchtime childcare at the kids’ restaurant, and a cosy feel-good factor in the fireplace parlour “Guardia Grischa”.

Swiss Snowli Village Salastrains

Recharge your batteries with a tasty snack or enjoy the unique Upper Engadine Mountain panorama while your kids spend their time skiing at the Swiss Snowli Village (ages 3 to 4). From the restaurant, you can watch your children enjoying themselves in the Swiss Snowli Village as they get their first taste of skiing thanks to a conveyor belt, carousel and children’s ski lift.

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