St. Moritz Ski School Events

Events at a glance

Learn everything about all the events of the St. Moritz Ski School! What happens when and where and who is there? Scroll and read on!


Swiss Snowli Kids Village

Fun for the whole family

hildren between 3 and 4 years old are welcome in the exclusive Snowli Kids Village with Magic Carpet, Carousel and Button lifts with an array of possibilities.

Here the little ones make their first experiences on snow and learn to ski under professional guidance. Accompanied by Snowli they make their first steps with skis and get to know the exciting stories of Snowli and his friends. Please don't forget warm clothes, gloves, goggles, sun- and lip protection as well as a helmet!

Monday to Friday, 10am to 12pm

Ski School Races

The Kids-Weekly Highlight

Thursdays are the day: The smallest ones compete in the playful race and prove what they have learnt. The Snowgarden levels up to Blue Prince / Princess have their race at Salastrains. in Celerina and Samedan (subject to change). The children's ski races of the levels Blue King/Queen to Snow Academy take place on Corviglia or in Celerina.

Participation in the children's ski race is free for children who attend lessons at the ski school St. Moritz. The results will be announced on Fridays at 1pm at  Salastrains or Celerina. In the current ranking list you can also find out which place your little racing driver has occupied. In the archive you will find all results of past races.