Protective Rules and Regulations

Allegra – Welcome to the Swiss Ski School St. Moritz!

We welcome you to St. Moritz Ski School with a warm smile instead of a handshake and look forward to showing the Engadine's unique mountain landscape to you.

Safety is not only our top priority on the slopes but also when dealing with the extraordinary Covid-19 situation. So you can feel completely comfortable with us, we have created a sustainable and extensive protection concept. Please find all the important key points below.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have fun and welcome to «THEREDLEGENDS»

Bruno Marinoni
CEO Snowsports St. Moritz AG


To ensure the greatest possible safety for our guests and employees, we adhere to the requirements of the Federal Office for Health (FOPH) and our umbrella organization Swiss Snowsports. Thank you in advance for your support:

Point of Sales

  • All of our points of sales have been equipped in accordance with the currently applicable guidelines of the FOPH .
  • According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), a mask must be worn in publicly accessible indoor areas.
  • Indoors and outdoors, please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters whenever possible or wear a mask.
  • Face masks can be purchased at all points of sale.
  • We offer "quick check-in" at the St. Moritz and Celerina shops. By scanning a QR code, you can register with your personal details in the waiting area. This shortens the sales process and also shortens the contact at the sales counter.

Our Snowsports Instructors & Employees

All snow sports instructors and employees have been trained and made aware of the protection concept.

  • Using the federal COVID tracing app is mandatory for all our employees.
  • All employees carry safety material such as Dryarn cloth masks and hand disinfectants with them.
  • The temperature of our employees is checked daily.
  • Although according to the federal government's declaration, outdoor sports are generally safe, our employees must wear a mask in class.
  • Upon prior agreement and with the consent of the guests, the snow sports instructor may forego the mask during the lesson.
  • Our snow sports instructors always wear a mask for children's classes.
  • Employees who show symptoms are not allowed to teach. When in doubt a Covid-19 test is ordered.

The Lessons

  • The snow sports instructor is responsible for the safety of the lesson and may stop the lesson at any time.
  • During group lessons, the snow sports instructor may exclude or isolate a child with symptoms from the lesson and ask the parents to pick the child up.
  • If you cancel a lesson due to symptoms of illness, you must have a negative Covid-19 test to resume lessons. Rapid test centers are planned for this purpose in the Engadin. Evaluations are also available at local doctor’s offices.
  • All teaching utensils and aids, as well as the racing bibs, are disinfected/cleaned after use. The teaching bibs are disinfected/cleaned, or disposable bibs are made available.
  • If the children's group lessons have already been booked and paid for in advance, the children will receive their shoulder bags with the tickets and lunch vouchers from the snow sports instructor directly at the meeting point. As a parent, you no longer have to pick it up from the office, which reduces the number of guests and contacts at the point of sales.

Refund and external service providers

Paid fees will be reimbursed in the following cases:

When using the services of external service providers such as mountain railways, hotels, restaurants, or the like, the protection concepts and measures of the respective companies apply and must be respected and adhered to.